How Much Does It Cost to Install A Sprinkler System in Your Yard in Eau Claire, WI or Minneapolis, MN?

When you start looking at the cost to install a sprinkler system in your yard, you might be surprised at the wide range of prices.

You could hire a guy in a truck who says he’ll set you up for a couple thousand bucks. 

Or you could do your research and find a lawn sprinkler company in Eau Claire, WI or Minneapolis, MN that you feel really good about. 

  • They understand your needs. 
  • And they help you understand your options so you can make a confident decision, one that proves to make your life easier now, and in the long run.

(Let’s see, which sounds like the wisest choice…)

But as you choose the best sprinkler company, you’ll also be asking “How much does a sprinkler system cost?” 

We’re happy to tell you — and explain what’s behind the price.

How Much Does a Sprinkler System Cost?

Let’s get right to the number you want to know. The cost to install a sprinkler system in your yard is between $3,000 and $27,000+, depending on the size of your property and the water source.

yard sprinkler system cost Eau Claire, WI Minneapolis, MN

We know what you’re thinking: That’s a wide range and a professional will have to eventually give you an exact cost. 

You’re right. Here are some of the factors that affect sprinkler system cost:

The Size of Your Yard

The more materials, the more labor it takes to put them in. That increases the cost.

You might think the sprinkler system cost will be cheaper for a tiny city lot, but it could actually cost the same as a sprawling acre lot.

yard sprinkler system prices Eau Claire, WI Minneapolis, MN

Small lots often need many tiny sprinkler heads to efficiently reach all the nooks and crannies in your yard without wasting water by over spraying.

In a small yard, we may need to cover 10 feet, not 30 feet, and do it without wasting water.

It’s all about materials and labor.


The Importance of Design in Sprinkler System Cost 

The price of your sprinkler system should include expert design. But not every irrigation company offers this. 

This is huge. You have to install a sprinkler system right the first time. If it’s wrong, it’s really expensive to fix. Sometimes it even means starting over.

Be careful of sprinkler system companies that skimp on the number of irrigation heads or the number of zones to reduce the amount of materials and labor, so they can offer a lower price.

They might install two heads where there really should be three. They might install four zones when five would do a better job.

yard sprinkler system cost Eau Claire, WI Minneapolis, MN

Once the job is done, all the spacing is set. In order to fix it, you may need to dig up and reposition 50 to 100 irrigation heads and install more zones. That’s a massive, expensive task.

Don’t underestimate the importance of skilled, expert design.

At RainMaster, our team includes trained and certified irrigation designers.

That’s not required in our industry. Actually, anybody can claim they know how to do it, put their name on a truck, and sell you an irrigation system. But do they really understand hydraulics and electrical systems? In reality, advanced knowledge of these two areas really come into play with designing and installing a great irrigation system.

In fact, so many people claim to be “irrigation services”, it gives a false impression that it’s an easy job that any guy in a truck who charges $2,000 can do.

You may not realize your installer doesn’t really know what they’re doing until it’s too late — when some of your irrigation heads are barely spraying water or spraying all over the place.

yard sprinkler system cost Eau Claire, WI Minneapolis, MN

How much water is being sprayed on streets, driveways, and corners of buildings because of poor design? 

How much water are you wasting — and paying for — because of an unskilled sprinkler installation?

You may never know how much lower your bills could be. You could be saving a lot of water with proper design and installation. We’re talking about hundreds to thousands of gallons of water each year!


What Else Does Sprinkler System Cost Include?

We can’t speak for the other sprinkler companies in Eau Claire WI and Minneapolis MN. Our goal is to try to make it easy for you. Here’s what’s included in your sprinkler system cost when you hire us:

  • No extra fees.
  • No additional phone calls.
  • Expert design by certified irrigation designers. 
  • Plumbing services included (some companies charge as much as $500 for this.)
  • Irrigation controller. This is the brains of your sprinkler system. We use smart controllers as standard equipment. Most companies consider that an upgrade.
  • Water-conserving irrigation heads and nozzles. 
  • Three-year parts and labor warranty.
  • Proactive quality assurance follow up inspectionsA return visit a month after installation to check your irrigation system and make any adjustments if needed.
  • Your first year’s winterization. No need to call us. Our automatic scheduling means we’ll take care of setting this up for you.
  • ”No dry spots“ guarantee. If there’s a spot that isn’t getting water, we’ll readjust and take care of it.
  • Payment options. Pay with cash, check, or credit card. 
  • A sketch of your irrigation system design so you know where everything is in your yard.
  • A tidy yard. Your grass will be repaired and grass seed spread as needed after installation. 
  • Expert ongoing service for your irrigation system. (Many companies don’t service their irrigation systems, just focusing on installation. It takes additional skills to service irrigation systems.) 
  • Top of the line products. Every manufacturer that sells irrigation system parts has more than one level of products, of varying quality. We believe in not giving you entry-level sprinkler heads, valves, or controllers. You expect the best. 


Sprinkler System Cost: Upgrades

Two sprinkler system upgrades will add to your sprinkler system cost, but they’re good investments in the health of your lawn: 

yard sprinkler system cost Eau Claire, WI Minneapolis, MN

Flow Meter

This monitors the flow of water through your system. It will let you know if too much or not enough water is going through.

There might be a speck of sand in a nozzle blocking the water flow. Or a pipe might be leaking. The flow meter tells you the system needs attention.

Cost: $300-$400


Pressure-Regulated Heads

These make sure the sprinkler heads are putting out water at the pressure they’re designed to, and not turning it into vapor.

Cost: Around $300


Plan Ahead to Save On Sprinkler System Cost

Planning ahead for your sprinkler system installation can save you money. 


  • Get the right size well pump when you build your house.
  • Ask the plumber to stub out the plumbing for an irrigation system when building your house. Since the plumber is already there installing plumbing for the rest of the house, it will cost less than hiring it done separately later. 

Another note about planning ahead: once customers decide they want a sprinkler system, they usually want it installed as soon as possible.

yard sprinkler system cost Eau Claire, WI Minneapolis, MNDepending on the season, the best sprinkler companies in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis MN are booked at least a month ahead. 


Why Going Cheap Initially Can Ultimately Cost You More

It’s tempting to cut costs now, but it will cost you more down the road.

Here’s how:

  • Poor spacing of nozzles and heads can be expensive to re-do.
  • Inefficient heads cost you more in your water bill every time you water.
  • If installers use wire and nuts that aren’t waterproof, they often corrode, causing expensive electrical problems down the road. We use waterproof fittings to avoid electrical problems. 
  • Why are your lawn and all your expensive new landscaping plants dying? Maybe your system’s spacing is all wrong, or you don’t have enough zones. Water isn’t reaching everywhere it should be. 


Trust Your Sprinkler System to RainMaster

Not all sprinkler companies in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis MN make things easy.

Your choice makes the difference. 

Choose RainMaster, and we make it easy, from start to finish.

  • One less phone call, one less to-do:  Don’t worry about scheduling the plumbing or scheduling any routine maintenance. Our automatic scheduling takes care of that.
  • Simple Process:  No need to coordinate the irrigation work with your landscaper, to make sure all the steps are done in the right order.  Consider it done. 
  • Reliability:  No worries about whether we’ll show up. You hired the right company.

yard sprinkler system cost Eau Claire, WI Minneapolis, MNGetting a great return on your sprinkler system investment really comes down to the choices you make. We commend you for taking the time to learn more about what goes into the cost to install a sprinkler system for your yard and how to choose the best sprinkler company to install and maintain your system. We’d be honored to help you get the lawn you deserve.

Want to learn more about installing a lawn sprinkler system? Request a quote today! We’ll review your options together so you can make a confident decision. Then, you can finally enjoy your lawn and whatever else is important to you.

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