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Looking for a good reason to come work with us at RainMaster?

We’ll give you 10.

1. Year-round employment.

This is huge. Lots of landscaping companies lay their employees off after the last leaves are cleared in the fall and don’t re-hire them until spring.

Work here, and you don’t have to leave in the winter and hunt down a temporary job — or try to support your family on unemployment for a few months. 

Here, you make a living wage year-round. We don’t just offer lawn care, irrigation, and pest control jobs. We offer lawn care, irrigation, and pest control careers. 

2. Benefits.

We offer a mind-blowing vacation package and above-average pay so you can afford to pack your bags and hit the beach.

We care about your family life. We’re flexible. We want you to have time with your family.

Oh yeah, the basics are offered too:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • And 401(k)

3. You’ll love our office.

It’s clean, modern, organized and up to date. We invest in you with technology, including ergonomic workstations. 

If you’ve worked at other service companies — even big ones — you know this isn’t the norm.

4. Our equipment is top notch.

We’re always investing in new equipment to make our jobs easier and more efficient. When you hop in one of our clean, well-maintained, branded company trucks to start your day, you’ll be proud to be here.

5. Technology. Bye, paper.

We use the latest tech to communicate with our customers and technicians. GPS directions and job details are at our fingertips at all times. 

6. You’ll have a voice.

Have a great idea? We’d love to hear it. Everybody contributes here. 

7. Want to move up in the company? That’s what we want, too.

It’s part of our mission to offer rewarding lawn care, irrigation, and pest control careers, not just another job.

8. We’ll train you.

No previous landscaping experience is necessary. If you’re willing to learn and want to be part of a team, you’ll fit in great here.

9. Even better, we pay for outside training to boost your skills and value.

Want to get certified as a pesticide applicator, certified irrigation technician or certified snowfighter? We love your desire to improve your skills. The training’s on us. 

10. You’ll love our company culture.

We know the real reason people love their jobs isn’t because of their pay or their shocking vacation packages. It's because you want to feel like you matter, like you're a part of the team, and like you’re contributing to something important.

Ready to join the team?

This is hard work, but it’s work you can be proud to do. We love working with our hands, and getting them dirty for a real purpose.

We work hard together, but we also have fun together.

We might head to happy hour to celebrate a long week of work, or enjoy a baseball game together. 

And when you’re on the job, we give you the freedom and trust to do your job well, without micromanaging you.

We know what makes a great career.

Fill out the form on this page and come join us. We’d love to meet you.

We are very satisfied with our new irrigation system. Everyone with your staff was very helpful. Our only regret was not looking into getting a system sooner.

Julie F. - Eau Claire, WI