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Commercial Snow Removal

Some of the biggest names in retail trust us to clear their snow, melt their ice and keep their commercial properties safe.

We don’t take that trust lightly.

We take our snow removal services in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis, MN really seriously. 

What we do for commercial properties: 

  • Snow and ice management, including: 
    • Melting ice and reducing slippery spots
    • Clear snow from parking lots and walkways
    • Shovel and run snowblowers in non-plowable areas

Be On Top of Your Snow

You want to be in control of your property’s snow removal even before it snows.

What matters to you? Reliability. Peace of mind. Planning. Communication. Reducing liability.

In order to get you there, you need help monitoring the weather, planning pre-treatment and managing a snow and ice management plan for your property. You have enough to worry about and need to know that it will all be taken care of.

Your input is crucial way before the snow season even starts. 

Before the flakes start to fly, we can proactively plan out all of these details with you.

Opt to pay for snow removal per push, or sign a seasonal contract.  

You've got flexible options.

Bring On The Brine

While snow and ice fear us, we’re gentle on the environment and your property.

Brine is a crucial part of our snow and ice arsenal, for reasons you’ll appreciate.

You want fast melting to reduce slick spots, but without the damage to plants and surfaces that comes with rock salt. 

Hello, brine. 

The liquid mixture of water and salt is sprayed on parking lots and walkways to prevent snow and ice from sticking.

Brine stays where we put it, on paved surfaces, without migrating into lawn and plants. 

It’s safer for surfaces, too. It doesn’t stick to shoes and boots and get tracked inside like typical salt does. 

Brine uses significantly less salt than traditional rock salt, so it’s much gentler to the environment.  

When we use treated rock salt, we use it responsibly. Your property is clear, and so is your conscience.

You’ll Have Protection 

Snow Plow-3

You worry about liability when winter’s snow and ice blow in.

Of course, our crews clear your snow, melt your ice and do our best to help keep your property safe for customers, visitors and employees.

You’ll also know exactly when we were there. 

Software tracks our crews’ time on site for plowing, shoveling, and deicing. Time stamps & GPS tracking verifies snow removal activity on your property.

You’ll have no doubt.

No Slippery Pricing 

Just like all our other services, our snow removal pricing is clear and upfront. No worrying about how much time our crews spend on your property or how much ice melt product we’re using. 

You’ll know the price. Period.

Our Equipment Won’t Let You Down

Mechanical troubles won’t hamper our work on your property. 

A new fleet of snow removal vehicles means if one breaks down, we have plenty to fill in.

Training, Technique, Trends? Totally

You and your property get snow fighters who have intense training and know the latest industry techniques and trends.

We’re members of the Snow and Ice Management Association, which means we’re up to date on all the best practices for the industry, shared by experts throughout the United States and Canada.

There’s a lot more to snow and ice management than tossing down rock salt. 

You expect us to do our job responsibly. We appreciate your trust.

Do We Shovel? You Bet 

Plows are everywhere once the snow starts piling up.

But try to find a crew to clear your commercial property’s sidewalks.

Actually, it's easy. Call us. 

We have shoveling teams that clear doorways and sidewalks.

Choose us for your snow removal services in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis, MN, and you won’t have to worry about anything nature throws our way.

Count on our shovels and plows, trucks and brine. Know that our snow fighters are standing by 24/7.

But what we really specialize in is peace of mind.

Ready To Stay Ahead of the Weather?