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If you squint, you can imagine your scraggly, brown lawn as a green,  cushy blanket for spur-of-the-moment picnics, hammock lounging, kid frolicking, firefly watching.

We’ll get you there. But we go even deeper.

The thing about that emerald green lawn you love is that it starts way below the surface. You can’t even see the most important part of your lawn.

That’s where we get to work, offering lawn care services in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis, MN that bring struggling lawns to life. 

Here’s how we can help you: 

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You’re in Good Hands

Maybe you’ve considered tackling your lawn care yourself. 

Honestly, it’s kind of a pain. All the bags piled up in your garage, all the dates to keep track of, equipment to maintain.

If you don’t apply fertilizer or weed killer correctly, you can actually damage your lawn. We see this a lot. 

We send trained lawn care technicians to your property — not just guys with sprayers full of weed killer.

When we’re on the job, you can relax.

There might be room in the garage now for a new motorcycle.

The Environment Matters

You want a healthy green lawn, but you care about the rest of the environment, too.

We’re in this together. 

We don’t just blanket your lawn with chemicals if it doesn’t really need it.  

Maybe all you need is a targeted spot treatment that will take care of that pesky problem area that drives you crazy. 

No overkill.

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Pamper Your Lawn, from the Roots Up 

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A thick, green lawn is all about the roots and the soil. If they’re healthy, your lawn will be, too. 

Maybe it needs a boost of iron, magnesium or humic acid. Or some nice, rich organic matter.

We go beyond the big three of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to really target your lawn’s unique needs. (We’re actually phosphorus free, to protect our precious waterways.) 

You just prep the picnic.

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Let’s Talk Programs, Not Visits 

It’s easy to get caught up in the number of visits your lawn care service offers. 

That’s not what really matters. 

At RainMaster, we care about the quality of visits to your lawn.

Your lawn. Not your next-door neighbor’s or the lawn three streets over. Those lawns have their own unique needs. 

We assess your lawn, then make expert recommendations. 

Maybe it needs aeration. Or crabgrass preventer.

Your lawn isn’t exactly like everybody else’s.

Soon, it’ll be better.

Wave Bye to Weeds

Life’s too short for weed stress. So, stop them before they sprout.

Once you have weeds, you’re too embarrassed to invite friends over and you avoid the neighbors because you’re making the whole block look bad. 

Let’s create a custom nutrition plan for your lawn, so the roots will be nourished, the soil packed with nutrients, and your grass so thick and healthy, weeds won’t stand a chance.

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Don’t You Have a Ball Game to Enjoy? 

Or a camping trip? Or a weekend away with your college pals?

Do you really want to let lawn chores stop you? 

Trust your lawn care to us, and there’s no equipment to maintain. No messy bags of fertilizer stacked in your garage, taking up space, spilling all over the place. 

Your calendar won’t nag “fertilize the lawn” anymore, because that’s our job. 

Invite the neighbors over. Grab a good book and hit the lounge chair. 

You have your weekends back — and your lawn.

Ready to rediscover and enjoy your yard?

We are very satisfied with our new irrigation system. Everyone with your staff was very helpful. Our only regret was not looking into getting a system sooner.

Julie F. - Eau Claire, WI