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About Us

Technically, this is about us, but it’s really about you.

Technically, this is about us, but it’s really about you.

It’s your lawn, which has the potential to be your go-to place for so many of life’s memorable moments.

It’s your lifestyle, which, let’s face it, could use a bit less stress and more relaxing in a beautiful, worry-free yard.

We’re in this together. Here’s how we make lawn care and irrigation easy, so you can get out there and count the flickering fireflies.

Upfront Pricing 

When a company tells you an irrigation job will cost $100 an hour plus parts, that doesn’t do you much good.

How long will it take? How many parts?

While other irrigation companies in Eau Claire, WI, and Minneapolis, MN charge you time plus materials, that’s not how we work.

We tell you the cost for a service is $54 or $115 or $150. Period. That’s the price.

When you want a lawn care quote, we’ll measure your lawn, explain our program options, and give you an exact quote. You’ll know what is included and what is not.

No invoice confusion. No worries or surprise billing. We wouldn’t want to deal with that hassle, and we know you don’t want to, either.

We’re Here When You Contact Us

When you contact us, we answer the phone.

We respond to your messages. Be ready to chat. You don’t get stuck on hold in some call center across the country.

Proactive Communication

We use automatic scheduling, so you don’t have to worry about calling us to set up your lawn care and irrigation services.

We’ll email or text you a reminder that we’ll be there the next day.

Then, we show up. You can count on it.

You’re in Good Hands

Our irrigation technicians aren’t also the guys who fertilize your lawn. We’re staffed with skilled specialists who are experts in their specific area.

While most people who work in the landscaping industry are seasonal, we hire our employees on a full-time, year-round basis. 

Then, we invest in them, providing training and education. Many have college degrees, some have horticulture degrees and even experience in grounds maintenance for professional sports teams.  

Our irrigation techs don’t just know how to fix your broken sprinkler head. They learn about lawn care, in depth. When you’re looking for an irrigation company in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis, MN, you expect them to be experts in their field. 

When you need a pest management company in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis, MN, you expect professionals to hop out of the truck and provide skilled, safe service.

We have expert staff certified in irrigation, lawn care, snow removal, and more. Our team is here full-time, year-round, providing expertise to our customers year after year.

We love providing careers that can support families — not just summer jobs.

When you pay for our services, you’re paying for our experience and expertise. 

You’re choosing excellence.

You’re Always In the Know

There’s no mystery about what services were done on your property. You don’t have time to play detective. 

We let you know when we’re finished on your property and exactly what we did. 

If we discovered any concerns, or ways to improve your lawn, we’ll fill you in. Maybe your lawn needs aerating or your watering schedule needs adjusting.

You get a phone call when we’re done, and a follow-up email the next business day with a detailed list of what we did and any recommendations.

You’ll Know Us When You See Us

You’ve probably seen our boldly branded trucks around town, and our team members in their crisp, professional uniforms.

Image matters to you. And it matters to us. 

Our vehicles aren’t dripping oil on your driveway. Our employees don’t leave messy piles of fertilizer on your sidewalks.

We close the gate when we leave. 

We know those little things are really big things to you.

We’re in this together. Meet you out on the lawn.

Ready to rediscover and enjoy your yard?

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RainMaster was very timely & professional. I could not believe the quality system & very professional install I received for the very affordable price.

Jordan L. - Chippewa Falls, WI