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So many of life’s great moments happen out on the lawn.

Romping with the new puppy. Baby’s first wobbly steps. Late night laughter with friends. 

But that happens more easily when your irrigation system encourages the healthiest lawn possible. 

Here’s how we can help you: 

  • Improve water efficiency
  • New irrigation system installation
  • Retrofitting existing sprinkler systems with smart controls
  • Irrigation startup at just the right time in spring
  • Seasonal inspections to diagnose and perform irrigation system repairs
  • Winterization to protect your sprinklers from damage
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Leave Everything to Us

You have better things to do than fiddle with irrigation system controllers and try to calculate how often your lawn needs water. That’s our job.

We do all the calculating and setting, and your irrigation system does a lot of the work, too.

Today’s smart irrigation controllers don’t just run based on what time of day it is. They’re smart enough to use local weather and landscape conditions for a custom watering schedule for your landscape. 

You don’t have to do a thing. Well, maybe start looking up great appetizer recipes, because your lush, healthy yard will soon be the neighborhood entertaining hot spot.

Save Water, Save Money

You’ve probably seen the same wasteful watering that drives us crazy: out-of-whack sprinkler heads overshooting the grass and watering driveways; sprinkler systems chugging away during rain storms; the same type of sprinkler heads watering vastly different kinds of landscaping. 

Today’s irrigation technology puts a stop to all that with targeted, water-saving sprinkler heads, smart controllers and rain sensors that turn your system off if it starts to rain.

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Old System? New System? You Bet

drop of water-2Maybe you’re ready to install a brand-new irrigation system and kick those old rubber hoses and ancient sprinklers to the curb. We’re all for that. 

But if you already have an irrigation system and it just needs updating or repairs, you can call us for that, too — even if we didn’t install it.

Ready to kick those ancient sprinklers to the curb?

Request Irrigation System Repair or Installation

Maintenance Matters

Don’t be fooled by how easy it is to water your lawn these days with an irrigation system. Systems need routine maintenance to keep running smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t wait until it breaks. Your lawn won’t be happy.

Let us do that proactive stuff we love and attend to any problems before they shut down your system. 

We hate brown spots, don’t you?

We Love a Challenge 

When you’re looking for irrigation services in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis, MN, you want skilled, experienced technicians who have seen it all.

You want to enjoy your beautiful, healthy lawn, not puzzle over irrigation problems with inexperienced newcomers. We’ve been doing this work for more than 20 years. Chances are, you’ve driven by properties with our irrigation handiwork.

Residential single-family homes. Multi-family townhouse complexes. Shopping centers. Golf course clubhouses. Athletic complexes. University campuses. 

Places with lots of grass.

Weird water? No problem. We’ve provided irrigation services in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis, MN to properties with city water, well systems, and pump systems from lakes, ponds, and rivers.

You really can’t stump us.


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We Do Our Best To Not Make a Mess

If it weren’t for the beautiful sound of perfectly planned sprinklers chugging away outside, you might not even know we were there. 

Our sprinkler heads tuck into the ground, neatly out of sight. 

We install our systems using a trenchless process with seamless installation. 

We clean up after we’re done, with minimal disruption. We even seed the areas we disturb in existing lawns.

After all, you have a backyard party to plan. 

Ready to rediscover and enjoy your yard?


Irrigation Programs & Pricing

Your irrigation program should be designed to match your needs. Every visit is planned to optimize the performance of your irrigation system, reduce water usage, and promote a healthier landscape.

Feel free to click on any of the items in the package for more information. If you still have questions, don’t worry, we’ll answer all of your questions when we talk.

Peak Performance
Includes all the proactive services for an effective system, plus added perks

  • Not Included

Starting At $409 / yr

Efficient Essentials
The bare minimum every irrigation system needs on an annual basis
  • Early Season Tune-Up Not Included
  • Mid Season Tune-Up Not Included
  • Late Season Tune-Up Not Included

  • Not Included
  • Discounted Service Calls Not Included
  • 48 Hour Guarantee Not Included

Starting At $229 / yr

*Prices based on city water up to 9 zones.

RainMaster takes great care of their clients. We use them for irrigation, fertilizer and weed care. Great communication and easy to work with!
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