How Much Does Lawn Care Cost in Eau Claire, WI?


A healthy, green, barefoot-worthy lawn that makes people actually slow down to gawk at is priceless.

But, of course, there’s a price.

How much does lawn care cost in Eau Claire, WI?

We’ll tell you the price. But beyond that, we’ll explain the value — so you can make the best decision for your lawn. 

RainMaster’s Lawn Care Programs

We offer three different levels of lawn care programs, based on the results you’d like. We’re happy to help you choose the plan that’s best for your lawn.

We’ll give you some example pricing below, one for 5,000 sq. ft. (a smaller city lot) and 10,000 sq. ft. (an average suburban lot).

However, in every circumstance, our team will be happy to give you an exact quote based on your lawn’s unique size. 


Healthy Habitat 

This plan includes the basic treatments for a better lawn:

  •  5 organic-based granular fertilizer visits
  •  Crabgrass prevention plus booster
  •  Weed shield
  •  Soil pH test

RainMaster's Healthy Habitat lawn care program

Price: From $279 per year for a 5,000-square-foot lawn; $399 for a 10,000-square-foot lawn, etc.

Terrific Turf 

This mid-level plan is our most popular option to grow a thick, green lawn and deal with most challenges:

  •  5 organic-based granular fertilizer visits
  •  Crabgrass prevention plus booster
  •  Weed shield
  •  Soil pH test
  •  Bee-friendly grub guard
  •  Soil pH balancer
  •  Core aeration

RainMaster's Terrific Turf lawn care program

Price: From $469 per year for a 5,000-square-foot lawn; $699 for a 10,000-square-foot lawn, etc.

Luscious Lawn 

This high-end, proactive program will promote amazing lawn care results:

  •  5 organic-based granular fertilizer visits
  •  Crabgrass prevention plus booster
  •  Weed shield
  •  Soil pH test
  •  Bee-friendly grub guard
  •  pH balancer
  •  Core aeration
  •  Premium overseed
  •  Soil conditioner

RainMaster's Lucious Lawn lawn care program

Price: From $599 per year for a 5,000-square-foot lawn; $919 for a 10,000-square-foot lawn, etc..

All programs include free service calls and expert advice.

Why Choose a Higher Level Plan? 

You can sign up for Healthy Habitat, our least expensive lawn care program, and still get good results.

If it didn’t improve the health and appearance of your lawn, we wouldn’t offer it. 

But choose Terrific Turf or Luscious Lawn, and you can expect a thicker and greener lawn, better water retention, and better soil health.

Lush, healthy lawn in Eau Claire, WI cared for by RainMaster


Our higher-tier programs include more emphasis on proactive lawn health, preventing problems before they’re problems, from the roots up.

The most crucial part of your lawn’s health happens underground. 

For instance, our second and third tier program include aeration, which dramatically helps lawns that are compacted and helps every lawn develop a better root system.

Lawn technician aerating lawn

When your soil becomes compacted, either from age or from heavy foot traffic, your lawn’s roots can't take in water or nutrients. Aeration uses a machine to pull out tiny cores of soil from your lawn, allowing water and oxygen to get to the roots. 

Then, those roots stretch deep into the soil, producing a lush, healthy carpet of green that can better resist pests, weeds, and disease. 

What’s Behind Lawn Care Cost? 

We know you can find cheaper lawn care in Eau Claire, WI.

We’re not reluctant to explain why our lawn care costs more than some of the other guys. We’re really proud of the value we provide, and happy to explain what you get for the price.

Here’s why our lawn care cost might be more than others — and why it’s worth it. 

An Educated, Experienced Team

Anybody can toss down fertilizer. But we’re not just anybody.

Our skilled and educated lawn care team includes pros with horticulture degrees, decades of experience, and time working on the pristine turf of the Milwaukee Brewers.

You won’t find this level of training and experience at other companies. Your lawn care cost includes high-end expertise that makes a real difference in the health and beauty of your lawn.

We Really Know Your Lawn

All this education, training and experience means we’ve pretty much seen everything.

When you ask, “Why are there brown spots in my yard?” other lawn care companies might toss out a guess.

lawn care company technicians helping customer

We have the experience and training to get to the bottom of it.

It might be insect damage. Or one of many types of fungus. It could be an irrigation issue. 

We’ll tell you which one, and how to fix it. 

A Real-Life Example

One of our new customers recently asked why his lawn isn’t as green as his neighbor’s lawn.

Another company might recommend more fertilizer.

Our lawn care technician walked the lawn, inspected it, and knew right away it will never be as green as the neighbor’s grass.

lawn team aerial

It’s a different type of grass. The neighbor has bluegrass. The client has fescue.

They’re naturally different hues of green.

That’s why experience matters.

We’re Proactive 

Sure, we can cure lawn problems. But we’d rather prevent them. 

You can drench your lawn in fertilizer, but if your grass doesn’t have the proper, balanced soil pH, iron won’t do much good.

There’s a lot more to a healthy lawn than fertilizer. We’d love to show you. 

What else goes into your lawn care cost?

Grub Guard: Ours is Safe for Bees & Other Pollinators 

If you’ve ever seen grubs in your lawn, you know they’re gross. The slimy little things can seriously destroy your lawn.

Grub guard prevents them. But most grub control kills bees. We love bees. And the poor little guys are struggling enough.

So we pay considerably more for grub guard that’s bee-friendly. It doesn’t harm them. We’d like to think you care about that, too.

When you see a lawn care company offering grub control for free, we guarantee it’s not the bee-friendly stuff.

Bonus: While typical grub guard lasts for maybe three months, ours lasts for six to eight months. 

Soil Conditioner

Luscious Lawns, our top-level lawn care program, includes soil conditioner.

It’s a blend of minerals that boost the health of your soil. If your soil is clay, soil conditioner loosens it. If it’s sandy, soil conditioner makes it more robust.

Soil conditioner builds organic matter, so your soil holds more nutrients.

It unlocks the potential of your lawn, creating better results from the fertilizer and other treatments we perform throughout the year.

Suggestions Just For You

Our lawn care technicians get to know your lawn, and what it needs. Then, they tell you, making recommendations for your lawn’s unique needs.

They might suggest aeration, if your lawn can’t make the best use of fertilizer and weed control because the soil is compacted or choked with thatch.

lawn aeration close up

If you opted for our top level of lawn service, but your lawn doesn’t really need that level of attention, they’ll tell you that, too.

We give you honest communication, so you can make the best choices for your lawn. 

Your lawn care cost includes access to the exact lawn care technician who cares for your property — your personal lawn care consultant to help guide your decisions. 

Quality Grass Seed

You can buy really cheap grass seed. We bet you’ve seen it piled up in the aisles of the home improvement store.

Guess what? It’s full of weed seed, too.

Our premium grass seed is expensive. And it produces beautiful grass, with envy-inducing color that resists disease. 

Why can’t we overseed your lawn for 50 bucks like those other guys? Because we have $100 just invested in your seed. It makes a huge difference.

Liquid Weed Control, Granular Fertilizer

We use liquid weed control. Some companies just use weed and feed and hope the product finds the weeds.

We use a quality product.

Lawn technician applying granular fertilizer

Our fertilizer is granular, which is more expensive than the liquid counterparts many of our competitors use. Liquid is more common in our industry, but our granular fertilizer breaks down slowly, giving you consistent benefits from fertilization. 

It also contains organic nutrients, which gives your lawn that beautiful, deep green color that makes the neighbors gawk with envy.

Trust Your Lawn Care to RainMaster

How much does lawn care cost? It’s easy to compare the price of one lawn care company’s program to another’s.

It takes a bit more time for a deep dive to figure out exactly what goes into that price — and how the program really benefits your lawn.

Thanks for giving us the chance to show you — and help you make the best choice for your lawn.

Are you ready for a vibrant, green lawn that not only looks great, but is healthy, right down to the roots? Request a quote today. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then, you can finally enjoy your lawn and stop worrying about it.

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