Protect Pollinators: Finding Bee-Friendly Grub Control in Minneapolis


Maybe bees aren’t the best guests to have at your picnic, but you have to respect the little guys.

Bees pollinate a third of everything we eat, and play a really important role in sustaining the planet’s ecosystems.

Love fruits and vegetables? Coffee? Chocolate? All of these crops need bees.
But bees have been in trouble for a while now, dying out for a variety of reasons, including from the use of pesticides.

One danger to bees are products used to kill grubs, those slimy lawn pests that can ruin your lawn.

Protecting pollinators like bees is really important. So how do you find bee-friendly grub control in Minneapolis?

Let’s take a look.

First, Yes, You Need to Kill Grubs

Grubs can devastate your lawn.

Grub in soilThe larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, chafers, and other beetles, grubs feed on tender grass roots and organic matter in the soil, causing sections of grass in the lawn to die.

The key to controlling grubs is to kill them before they hatch and begin to cause damage to your lawn.

But Some Grub Control Kills Bees

Some lawn care companies use grub-killing products containing neonicotinoids, which have been linked to honeybee decline.

It’s absorbed by plants and can be present in pollen and nectar, making them toxic to bees.

But wait, it gets worse. When birds eat insects like grubs that have been treated with this pesticide, they can die, too.

Use Pollinator-safe Grub Prevention

At RainMaster, we hate grubs. But we love bees. We apply Grub Guard to control grubs right away in the spring during our first visit.

It doesn’t contain ingredients harmful to pollinators. But it does a great job against lawn-gobbling grubs.

lawn care expert spreads liquid grub controlOur bee-safe grub control lasts throughout the entire Minneapolis growing season.

Not all grub control lasts that long. Some products are weakened by the time a second wave of hungry grubs occurs in the fall.

Grow a Healthy Lawn to Resist Grubs

Lawns with dense, healthy root systems can better resist root-munching grubs.

lawn care expert pours fertilizer into spreaderMow at a high setting. Stay on top of fertilizing. Water less frequently, but for longer, to encourage roots to reach deep for water to build a dense turf resistant to grubs.

Give Grubs the Boot, But Protect Pollinators: Trust RainMaster

You have better things to do than worry about gross grubs gobbling your grass. But you also don’t want to harm beautiful, beneficial bees. Choose bee-safe grub control services.

Your best bet for grub control: choose a complete, proactive lawn care program that includes Grub Guard to keep the slimy pests away.

At RainMaster, we believe the best lawn care services focus on your lawn’s total health, from grub control to preventing weeds to soil health - care that starts deep below your lawn's surface for a healthy lawn.

Let’s create a custom nutrition plan for your lawn, so while grub control keeps the sinister slime-balls away, the roots will be nourished, the soil packed with nutrients, and your grass thick and healthy.

All while protecting pollinators — our buzzy pals.

Are you ready to stop worrying about grubs destroying your lawn in Eau Claire, WI or the Minneapolis area? Request a quote today! We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then, you can finally enjoy your lawn and stop worrying about it.

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