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DIY Mosquito Yard Treatment vs Pest Control Service in Eau Claire


Some things you can do perfectly fine yourself: Make a grilled cheese sandwich. Decide which socks to wear.

Other times, you seek out a pro: Heart surgery. House fires. 

Mosquito battling is one of those gray areas. You could do it yourself, maybe after a nice grilled cheese sandwich.

Or you could hire a pro.

DIY mosquito treatment vs pest control service — what are the real differences? 

Will Your DIY Mosquito Control Work? Maybe, Maybe Not

Maybe you’ll get lucky and the DIY mosquito control product you buy at the store will keep away those biting mosquitoes. Maybe it won’t.

mosquitoThe pros know the professional-grade products they use work. They’re proven, season after season. There are hundreds of thousands of dead mosquitoes to prove it.

Do You Know What You’re Doing Out There?

We bet you’re really good at what you do. Awesome math teacher. Super accountant. Friendliest store manager ever. 

Nobody expects you to be an expert mosquito control technician. That’s not your job. So why would you know exactly where, when, and how to expertly spray your yard for mosquitoes? 

family plays on green grassWhen you hire a mosquito treatment service, that’s their job. Would you expect them to do your taxes? Teach you trigonometry? Of course not.

Professionals know exactly where, how, and when to apply their products to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard. They’re licensed and trained to know exactly what to do.

Equipment Matters

How do you apply your DIY mosquito control? Does it just spray from a can? Hook up to a garden hose? 

Mosquito treatment service pros use equipment that hits all the areas of your property where mosquitoes lurk and breed.

mosquito control team sprays with backpack sprayerTheir backpack sprayers are designed to cover underneath plant leaves and all the hidden crevices where sneaky mosquitoes are watching Netflix and planning their next dinner party. (Heads up: you’re the dinner.)

They also have access to professional-grade products, which are more effective than DIY mosquito control.

Be Sure Your Family and Pets Are Safe

The products that kill mosquitoes are safe when handled, applied, and stored properly. Are you set up for safety?

child and dog sitting on grassWhen it comes to the safety of your family and pets, don’t you want the peace of mind that it’s handled by mosquito treatment service professionals?

DIY Mosquito Treatment vs Pest Control Service: Timing is Everything

How often will you go out there and treat your yard with your DIY mosquito control? Maybe you’ll remember. Maybe you won’t. Life gets busy, right? Work presentations. That plumbing project. The neighborhood yard sale you’re already regretting.

Read Our Guide to Mosquito & Tick Control

Those hungry mosquitoes would just love it if you missed a couple applications. You can imagine them, rubbing their little mosquito hands together in glee. 

A mosquito treatment service shows up exactly on time, every three weeks from spring through fall. Mosquitoes are continually reproducing, so there’s always a fresh batch that needs zapping. Your yard is always covered.

Beyond Just Spraying for Mosquitoes

There are lots of things that could be lurking in your yard that are big welcome mats for mosquitoes: old tires, clogged gutters, buckets, wheelbarrows, empty flower pots and other places where water accumulates. 

Maybe there’s leaf litter, tall grasses or brush where mosquitoes like to lurk. 

mosquito technician talks with homeownersIf these things are there all the time, you probably just look past them. Maybe you don’t even realize they’re mosquito magnets.

Mosquito treatment services in Eau Claire, WI inspect your yard with an eagle eye. They know what to look for, including standing water and other trouble areas in your yard.

DIY Mosquito Treatment vs Pest Control Service: Considering Cost

The cost for mosquito treatment service at RainMaster starts at $539 a year. We provide services around Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis.

mosquito control team sprays woods near playsetIf you’re that math teacher we mentioned earlier, a simple equation will show you that breaks down to just a couple of bucks a day to keep your family safe from biting, summer-wrecking mosquitoes. (You might make enough to cover it from that neighborhood garage sale.)

It’s not like the DIY mosquito control products you can buy are free. And you might end up trying several before you land on one that works. The cost adds up — without any guarantee that your effort and expense will even rid your yard of mosquitoes.

Don’t You Have Better Things to Do?

You must, right? Summer weekends are precious here in Wisconsin. Why spend even part of one wandering the DIY mosquito control aisles, then struggling to reach every mosquito-ridden nook and cranny of your yard.

children and parent play soccer on green grassIsn’t hiring mosquito treatment services in Eau Claire, WI so much easier?

Mosquito Treatment Service Gets Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Targeting mosquitoes where they live and breed is your best defense.

If you are in or around Eau Claire, WI, or Minneapolis, RainMaster’s barrier spray can reduce mosquitoes on your property all season long, with regular visits every three weeks. There are six visits total, from spring through fall.

mosquito control team sprays landscape bedTechnicians spray the perimeter of your yard, hitting the spots where mosquitoes lurk and breed:

  • Underneath plant leaves
  • Shady areas
  • Wet areas
  • Under decks
  • Low tree limbs
  • Wood piles

The results are immediate — a big reduction in mosquitoes. And, a bonus: RainMaster’s mosquito control reduces ticks, too.

While no mosquito control program offers 100 percent control, you absolutely will see a big reduction in mosquitoes and ticks.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard with RainMaster

When it comes to mosquitoes, don’t you want to get it right the first time? Why spend the first half of mosquito season trying to find the right DIY mosquito control product and the right schedule to banish the tiny biters from your yard? 

Aggravating mosquitoes can ruin your backyard barbecue, spoil your kids’ swing set fun, and even spread viruses that can send you to the hospital. 

It’s time to take your yard back. 

Are you ready to stop stressing about mosquitoes? Request a quote today! Then, you can get back to enjoying your yard, without all the swatting and scratching.

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