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Where Do Ticks Live at My Eau Claire, WI or Minneapolis Home?


You have to hand it to ticks — they’re not too picky about where they live.
You don’t hear them griping that their condo’s master bedroom is too small, that their apartment has no pool, or that the HOA stinks because they won’t allow basketball hoops.

They’re pretty basic.

Where do ticks hang out? Let’s take a look.

Where Do Ticks Live Outside?

In general, ticks like leafy areas that are damp and shady with access to water.
Tick on blade of grassWhile you’re more likely to encounter ticks in woods or fields with tall grass, ticks hang out anywhere they can find a host to hop aboard. That includes your yard.

Ticks lurk on the tips of grasses and shrubs, waiting for a host to brush up against their spot. Then, they hop on board.

Where Do Ticks Hide?

Ticks are sneaky little hiders, hanging out where your yard borders wooded areas, or shady spots where damp leaves and yard debris accumulate.
Pest control expert sprays yard perimeter for ticksThey love these dark, hidden spots:

  • Underneath plant leaves
  • Shady areas
  • Wet areas
  • Under decks
  • Low tree limbs
  • Wood piles

Meanwhile,They Carry Diseases

If ticks just minded their own business, you might not mind if a few hung out quietly on the outskirts of your yard.

But ticks are bad news.

Read Our Guide to Mosquito & Tick Control

As ticks feed, small amounts of their saliva may enter the host, and that’s how they transmit diseases like Lyme Disease, the most common disease spread by ticks In Wisconsin.

The average number of reported Lyme Disease cases has more than doubled here over the past 10 years.

Get Rid of Tick Hangouts

There are things you can do to discourage ticks from hanging out in your yard:

  • Get rid of areas where water accumulates. Lots of these spots could be lurking in your yard: old tires; clogged gutters; buckets; wheelbarrows; empty flower pots.
  • Remove leaf litter.
  • Clear tall grasses and brush around your house and at the edge of your lawn.
  • Keep your lawn mowed.
  • Stack any wood neatly and in a dry area.
  • Keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees.
  • Discourage unwelcome animals (such as deer, raccoons, rodents, and stray dogs) from entering your yard by constructing fences.
  • Remove old furniture, mattresses, or trash from the yard that may give ticks a place to hide.

Now You Know Where Ticks Hide, Zap ‘Em

Knowing the facts about ticks can actually help you avoid them and get rid of them.

Targeting them where they live and breed is your best defense.
pest control technician spraying for ticksRainMaster’s barrier spray reduces ticks on your property all season long, with regular visits every three weeks. There are six visits total, from spring through fall.

Specialists spray the perimeter of your yard, hitting the spots where ticks lurk and breed:

  • Underneath plant leaves
  • Shady areas
  • Wet areas
  • Under decks
  • Low tree limbs
  • Wood piles

The results are immediate — a big reduction in ticks. And, a bonus: it reduces mosquitoes, too.
pest control team sprays perimeter of yard near swingset for ticksWhile no tick control program offers 100 percent control, you absolutely will see a big reduction in ticks and mosquitoes.

Reduce Ticks with RainMaster

It’s kind of amazing how something so small can be so annoying — and even deadly.

It’s time to take your yard back, and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about dangerous ticks.

Are you ready to stop stressing about ticks? Request a quote today! Then, you can get back to enjoying your yard, without all the worry.

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