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Grubs, Mosquitoes, and Ticks: Identifying & Treating Insects in Your Yard


Insects in your yard can eat and kill your grass and bite and bother your family and pets.

Three common backyard insects in Minnesota and Wisconsin are grubs, mosquitoes, and ticks.

Here are some helpful ticks on lawn insect identification, and how to get rid of them once you know they are there.

(If this topic is making you itchy, we get it.)

Grubs in Your Lawn

When it comes to lawn insects, grubs win the prize for dastardly damage.

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, chafers, and other beetles. Larvae are hungry.
Grub in lawn soilThese white, C-shaped grubs have soft, squishy bodies with legs near their head. They feed on grass roots and organic matter in the soil, causing sections of grass in the lawn to die.

And these lawn insects attack their food faster than hot dog eating contest winners.

One day you’re looking out at your healthy lawn, pondering where to put the new bird bath, and two days later it’s wiped out — entire patches will be brown, dry, and wilted.

You never saw the grub damage happening. The grubs silently feasted on your lawn’s tender roots, killing the grass.

Identifying Lawn Insects: Are They Grubs?

Let’s see, are they gross? (Actually, there are better ways to tell.). Here are a few ways to identify grubs in your lawn:

  • Raccoons, skunks, and birds rummaging in your yard. Apparently, grubs are delicious.
  • Grab a handful of your lawn and tug. If it rolls up like loose carpet, you probably have grubs. They eat the roots holding the turf firmly in place on the soil.
  • Walk on your lawn. If it feels spongy, you could have grubs.

What To Do About Grubs in Your Lawn

The key to grub control is to kill them before they hatch and begin to cause damage to your lawn.

Prevention is your best bet for grubs in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

At RainMaster, providing lawn services in Minneapolis and Eau Claire, WI, we apply Grub Guard right away in the spring during our first visit.
Grub control treatment applicationThen, you’re all set. Our grub control lasts throughout the entire growing season.

Not all grub control lasts that long. Some products are weakened by the time a second wave of hungry grubs occurs in the fall.

Grub Guard is like getting insurance. You don’t know for sure you’ll get grubs. But better to keep them away than risk your beautiful lawn.

Bonus: When we apply Grub Guard to your lawn, it won’t kill bees like the cheaper products most other companies use. Let’s all do what we can to help the little guys.

What if I Missed Spring Grub Control Treatment?

If you’re reading this article in summer or fall, and you’re dealing with a grub infestation, your lawn still will need attention but the approach is different.

Read Our Guide to Mosquito & Tick Control

Late season control of grubs is achieved with a different “curative” product. This material can cost more than preventative controls and you may also need to repair areas of your lawn. Be sure to take these steps and then plan for a preventive Grub Guard the following spring to make sure your lawn is protected. Keep reading for more tips on yard insect identification and treatment. 

Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Ah, summer. It’s finally time to enjoy your backyard, relax at your cabin, lounge on the patio or by your pool, and happily watch your kids and pets play in the yard.

Then, you hear it. That unmistakable whine of a mosquito. Noooooooooo!
mosquitoIn your desperate attempt to get rid of mosquitoes, you might turn to fancy solutions like automatic misters. No need.

Concentrate on spraying your yard to kill and prevent mosquitoes and ticks.

Our dependable barrier spray is all you need. It really works and you’ll notice a substantial reduction in mosquito activity.
lawn team spraying mosquito controlIf you’re looking for an all-natural mosquito control, you won’t find it here. Natural options don’t work as well, even though they cost considerably more.

Plus, traditional mosquito control products pose very minimal risks after they dry in an hour or two (unless you’re a mosquito!)

Yard Treatment For Ticks

Live near Eau Claire, WI or Minneapolis? Good news: our mosquito treatments help with ticks, too.

Ticks and mosquitoes like the same type of habitat — vegetative areas that are damp and shady with access to moisture.
Tick on grassYou’ll get rid of both with our mosquito control services, reducing mosquitoes and ticks on your property all season long, with regular visits every three weeks.

Killing mosquitoes and ticks is kind of like the real estate business: location, location, location.

We spray the perimeter of your yard, hitting the spots where ticks and mosquitoes lurk and breed:

  • Underneath plant leaves
  • Shady areas
  • Wet areas
  • Under decks
  • Under tree canopies
  • Wood piles

Then, bam, immediate results. Head outside and enjoy your evening. Linger as late as you like. No swatting required.

A lot of pest control companies charge separate fees for killing mosquitoes and ticks, even though they’re using the same product in the same areas to kill both.

At RainMaster, you get rid of both bugs in your lawn for one price.
lawn team spraying tick and mosquito controlOur mosquito control service starts at $489 for a season, based on the size of your yard, with six treatments each year, spaced approximately every three weeks from spring to fall.

You’ll find pricing information for all of our services, including lawn care and irrigation, on our website. No detective work needed.

Get Rid of Insects in Your Yard with RainMaster

Grubs, mosquitoes, and ticks sure are annoying, for being so tiny.

Isn’t it time you took your yard back from these burrowing and biting bullies?

No more worrying about your beautiful lawn being devoured from underground or retreating inside from the pesky invaders who took over.

It’s your yard. Get it back.

Are you ready to stop stressing about lawn insects in Minneapolis and Eau Claire, WI? Request a quote today! We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then, you can finally enjoy your lawn and yard and stop worrying about them.

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