3 Spring Cleanup Tips For Your Twin-Cities Yard


I can see my grass!  It's true.  The snow has melted, and I can see my grass.  So you know what that means? It's time to start thinking SPRING and  time to start thinking about your lawn and making sure you are taking the right steps to start the season off right.  There are a few spring lawn care tips that will help you see that beautiful, green lawn again this year. 

1. Inspect your lawn

The best place to start is by taking a walk around your lawn.  Assess  the effects that the winter had on your property.  If you have a dog, you may have some additional damage. There is no quick cure for dog damage except lots of water to rinse the soil. In most cases, the grass will recover. If the damage is severe, resodding or seeding may be needed.

2. Rake

Perform a light raking of the entire lawn.  This will help to remove dead grass and pick up and leaves or debris that were missed during the fall cleanup.  If there are matted areas, it could be a sign of snow mold.  Continue to rake that area to break it up.  Getting the blades of grass to stand will help increase the air circulation to the roots.  If the grass was left too long, an early mowing may help.  Just remember – if the ground is still moist, be careful when raking so that you don’t uproot your turf!

3. Check your landscape plants

Some plants take a bit longer to recover from winter than others do, so be patient with your perennials.   With your evergreens and bushes, check to see if any of the woody branches were injured by heavy snow.  You can remove any broken branches right away, but be sure to wait until any buds have opened before your prune off the dead branches.

Spring is the time when your lawn and plants get a new start.  It’s also the perfect time to lay the foundation for a beautiful summer.  Spend a little bit of time now and you will be rewarded with a beautiful, healthy lawn!


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