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13 Lawn Care FAQ: Questions & Answers for Minneapolis & Eau Claire, WI


If you didn’t have any lawn care questions, we’d worry about you.

Questions show you care. You want to know how to keep your lawn healthy, how to battle those infuriating weeds, how to nurture your grass so you can enjoy those barefoot summer afternoons.

We love that about you.

Here’s a round up of lawn care FAQ we hear a lot.

1. What’s the ideal grass length?

Grass should be 3 to 4 inches tall after mowing.Recently mowed lawn

2. How much is too much grass to cut at one time?

Mow your lawn to remove a third of the current grass height. More than that is too much.

When you mow your lawn for the first time in May, remove a third of the current grass height.

Once mowing is in full swing, keep mowing high. Taller grass helps a lawn grow thicker and stay greener. Mow too short, and the soil heats up, helping pesky weed seeds to germinate.

As summer progresses, you should keep raising your mower blade. Shoot for 3 inches in June, 3.5 to 4 inches in July and August.

3. When is the best time of day to cut my grass?

Time isn’t as important as conditions. Avoid mowing when it’s really hot. It stresses the grass.

Also avoid mowing when your grass is still wet with dew. Mowing wet grass makes it more susceptible to disease.

4. Should I cut my grass when it’s wet or dry?

Dry, please. Your mower won’t cut as cleanly when grass is wet. Wet grass clippings can clog your mower and cause it to toss out clumps of wet grass.

Also, wet grass is slippery. When your neighbor asks what’s up with that cast on your leg, you don’t want to have to answer, “I hurt myself mowing.“ That’s just embarrassing.

5. When is the best time to water my yard?

Wrap up your watering as close to sunrise as possible. If sunrise is at 6 a.m., you should be done watering at 6.
Irrigating your lawn in the morningWind typically picks up as the day goes on. You don’t want your precious water droplets to blow away.

The sun will cause your water to evaporate before it can soak into your soil.

6. Should I bag my clippings?

Save yourself some work and skip the bags. Those grass clippings can head right back to the soil as mulch.

The bits of grass fall down to the soil level where they’ll begin decomposing, acting as a natural fertilizer.

7. Does grass have a lifespan? If so, how long and what should I do to keep my yard “alive?”

Not really. As long as you take good care of it, your lawn should hang right in there with you. There are times that drought or disease or a hard winter might kill areas, but lawn as a whole doesn’t have a lifespan.Diseased lawn

8. Is it best to water multiple times for a shorter duration or once for longer?

Water deeper, longer, and not as often. That encourages deeper, stronger roots.

If you water too often, it encourages roots to hang out near the surface. Why should they head deeper in the soil to search for water when you’re serving it up so readily every day?

9. What is pH and how does it impact my lawn?

Soil pH is a way to measure the amount of acidity or alkalinity in your lawn’s soil.

It’s measured on a scale from 0 to 14. Extreme acidity is at the low end of the scale, extreme alkalinity is at the top end.
PH_ScaleTest your soil pH. Important nutrients for plants tend to be available in soil when the pH is at the correct level. If your pH is off, your grass won’t get the nutrients it needs, even if you fertilize regularly.

The right pH unlocks your lawn’s ability to take in nutrients and thrive.If your soil’s pH level is out of whack, we can add the right soil amendments to bring it to the right level.

10. What is the ideal pH level?

Soil at the midpoint, number 7, is neutral soil — neither acidic nor alkaline. Most grasses thrive at a pH range of between 6.0 and 7.0.

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11. How many fertilizer applications do I need?

Fertilize in spring, summer, and fall to make sure your hungry lawn gets all the nutrients it needs throughout the year.

This might surprise you, but it’s not all about the number of applications. Great lawn care isn’t all about quantity. It’s about quality.
lawn team preparing fertilizerIf a lawn care company offers a couple more fertilizer visits than their competitors, that might sound good, but they might be applying half the amount of product as the other guys.

13. Why can’t I get rid of my weeds?

Don’t beat yourself up about this one. We know you’re trying. But the DIY weed control products you keep buying just don’t do the job against really tenacious weeds. They never will.

Many weeds need a professional-grade, specialty weed killer multiple times throughout the year to combat them. It’s a continuous process, requiring products only available to professionals.

Let yourself off the hook on this one.lawn team spot spray weeds

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