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Why Does Lawn Soil pH Matter in Eau Claire, WI & Minneapolis (and What Happens if I Don't Fix it?)


Don’t let pH phool you — these two little letters pack a big landscaping punch.

Never heard of it? Don’t feel bad. Lawn soil pH is really underestimated. Lots of homeowners shrug it off.

You shouldn’t. A balanced lawn soil pH is key to a healthy, thriving lawn.

Why does your lawn soil pH matter?

Let’s get science-y and find out.

First, What Exactly is Lawn Soil pH?

Soil pH is a way to measure the amount of acidity or alkalinity in your lawn’s soil.

It’s measured on a scale from 0 to 14. Extreme acidity is at the low end of the scale, extreme alkalinity is at the top end.
pH ScaleSoil at the midpoint, number 7, is neutral soil — neither acidic nor alkaline. Most grasses thrive at a pH range of between 6.0 and 7.0.

That’s what you want. A perfect balance.

Why Should You Care About Lawn Soil pH?

Important nutrients for grass are available in soil when the pH is balanced at that mid-level. If your pH is off, your grass won’t get the nutrients it needs, no matter how much you fertilize.

The right pH unlocks your lawn’s ability to take in nutrients and thrive.

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What’s Your Lawn Soil pH? Time for a Test

Don’t worry, the test isn’t for you. We know you’re paying attention. It’s for your lawn.

Our lawn care technicians will insert a meter into your soil to check the pH level.

If your lawn soil pH is too low, it’s time for lime, a soil amendment made from ground limestone rock, which contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

Add lime to your soil, and these compounds increase the soil's pH, making soil less acidic and more alkaline.

Or, if your lawn soil pH is too high, your lawn might need gypsum, a mineral that contains hydrated calcium sulfate.

Whether it’s lime for lawns or gypsum for lawns, we call both of these treatments “balancer,” because they both work to balance the pH level of your lawn.
Lawn care team adding lime to a customers soil Lawn soil pH varies from city to city, and even from lawn to lawn in the same neighborhood.

Lawn soil in Eau Claire, WI tends to be acidic, while the soil in Minneapolis often leans toward alkaline.

Once your lawn is balanced with the right pH, your soil can actually use the nutrients in your fertilizer, and flourish.

What’s Your Lawn Soil pH? Ask RainMaster

Here at RainMaster, we consider lawn soil pH so important, we include pH testing in all three levels of our lawn care programs. And we include pH balancer in our top two lawn care program levels.

You’re paying for fertilizer so your grass can grow green and healthy.

Make sure it can do its job, and you’re getting your money’s worth.

Curious about your lawn soil pH? Want to be sure your fertilizer is working? Request a quote today! We’ll review your lawn care options together so you can make a great choice. Then, you can finally enjoy your lawn and stop worrying about it.

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Image Sources: pH Scale

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