How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From your Backyard Party


Making the guest list for your backyard party can be tricky.

Do you invite the Andersons, even though they always bring that terrible crab dip?

One thing’s for sure. You don’t want to invite the Mosquito Family. They whine constantly, and they bite everybody. They’re beyond rude.

Keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor party with a few strategies before the party and a few tips to use during the fun.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Get rid of areas where water accumulates. Lots of these spots could be lurking in your yard, creating the perfect mosquito breeding grounds: old tires; clogged gutters; buckets; wheelbarrows; empty flower pots.

Grow Mosquito-repelling Plants

Mosquitoes think certain plants stink, including lavender, marigolds, catnip, basil and lemon balm. Plant them close to your patio or deck to help keep mosquitoes away while sitting outside.

Mow Your Lawn

This is probably on your pre-party to-do list anyway, but it’s worth noting that mosquitoes like to hide in tall grass.

lawn mower in grassClear away the clippings after you mow to help keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor party. The clippings can continue to host mosquitoes.

Invite Birds and Bats

Hang houses for birds and bats, who will love to gobble up those pesky mosquitoes. Give them a place to live near your Wisconsin or Minnesota home, and you encourage these helpful creatures to stay and feast.

Turn on Fans to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Patio

Mosquitoes are weak fliers, so electric fans strategically placed around your patio or deck make it harder for them to get to you and bite.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to the CO2 humans expel, and the fans help dissipate that, too.

Invite Pros to Mosquito-Proof Your Party

Plan ahead to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor party by targeting mosquitoes where they live and breed.

If you are in or around Eau Claire, WI or Minneapolis, MN, RainMaster’s barrier spray can reduce mosquitoes on your property all season long, with regular visits every three weeks. There are six visits total, from spring through fall.

pest control team sprays for mosquitoesTechnicians spray the perimeter of your yard, hitting the spots where mosquitoes lurk and breed:

  • Underneath plant leaves
  • Shady areas
  • Wet areas
  • Under decks
  • Low tree limbs
  • Wood piles

The results are immediate — a big reduction in mosquitoes. And, a bonus: RainMaster’s mosquito control reduces ticks, too.

While no mosquito control program offers 100 percent control, you absolutely will see a big reduction in mosquitoes and ticks.

Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Outdoor Party with RainMaster

Mosquitoes are famous party crashers, so even if you don’t invite them, they’ll show up anyway. They won’t even bring a dish to pass.

It’s time to take your Eau Claire, WI or Minneapolis yard back and keep mosquitoes away from your patio.

Spend more time planning your party appetizers and less time worrying about mosquitoes.

Are you ready to stop stressing about mosquitoes? Request a quote today! Then, you can get back to enjoying your yard, without all the swatting and scratching.

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