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Stomach growling? Kind of grouchy? Not doing your best work?

Your hungry lawn is out there saying, “Same.”

It’s probably not as green as you’d like, right? Maybe it’s kind of patchy, struggling to be the cushy green carpet you want?

It might be starving. 

You can grab a pizza and a salad and, bam, everything seems better.

Your lawn can’t eat pizza. (No teeth.) It needs lawn fertilization to be at its healthy, thriving best. 

But who has time to keep up with a lawn’s dinner schedule, right? 

Serve Your Lawn a Fertilizer Feast

Your lawn needs the good stuff to thrive.

You want regular lawn fertilization services that use granular fertilizer — solid pellets of product that slowly releases nutrients into the soil when it rains or you water your lawn. That slow release works over time to keep it healthy and green longer.

Granular fertilizer is more expensive than the common liquid variety, but it breaks down slowly, giving your lawn steady, consistent nourishment. 

Your lawn will get premium, professional-grade formulations of granular fertilizer with RainMaster. Not every lawn fertilization service in Eau Claire WI or Minneapolis uses it. 

RainMaster fertilizer also contains organic nutrients, for a beautiful, deep green color and enriched soil.

Don't Make Your Lawn Skip a Meal

Give your lawn the nourishment it needs with a lawn fertilization service that offers healthy doses of nutrient-rich fertilizer in the spring, three times during the summer, and again in fall for a happy, not hungry, lawn. 

Plus, you get helpful advice from expert lawn specialists on how to keep your lawn its healthy best. 

When RainMaster pros are out there applying fertilizer, we’re looking at your lawn’s total health. That means you hear about potential concerns early — before they turn into worrisome and expensive problems.

Great food, plus perks.

Ready to rediscover and enjoy your yard?