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Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

For many homeowners, it is a constant battle to keep their yard looking healthy, especially during the hot summer months. Use the following tips to help build and maintain a beautiful lawn.

Watering Tips

The most important nutrient that turf grass requires is water. Here are some general guidelines to follow when watering your lawn.

Mowing Tips

It is important to the health of your lawn, and the general curb appeal, to keep your lawn at the proper height.

Fertilizing Tips

Fertilizer is an essential part of maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Remember, there are many different factors that can keep a lawn from looking its best. There are also many different treatments, like aeration, lime, grub control and fungicides. If your lawn isn't meeting your expectations or you have any questions, give RainMaster Lawn Systems a call at 715.839.8484.

Video: 5-Step Lawn Care

Overview Video - 5 Step Lawn Care

5-Step Lawn Care