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5-Step Lawn Care Service

Do you want a lawn that makes your friends and neighbors green with envy?

Save time, avoid bags of fertilizer and weed-killer taking up space in your garage, and watch your lawn become greener, thicker, and healthier than it's ever been. Our slow-release fertilizer and weed control products are professionally regulated and applied from early spring to late fall. And if you have a lawn irrigation system, we'll even do a courtesy check to make sure it's running the best it can.

RainMaster Lawn Systems has been providing top-quality lawn care and irrigation services for over a decade. Our trained and certified technicians do both commercial and residential services and we do it for a very affordable price.

Landscape Industry Certified Technicians

Not ALL Fertilizers Are Created Equal.

When comparing the fertilizers that different lawn care companies are using, there is no comparison. Our fertilizers are superior.

MESA (used in summer months) is a granule that is made from two forms of nitrogen. It is not a coated product, making the granules solid fertilizer to the core. It provides good up-front color and breaks down slowly, giving you consistent fertilization for 6-8 weeks. MESA also contains iron, which gives the lawn that beautiful deep green color.

Video: 5-Step Lawn Care

Overview Video - 5 Step Lawn Care

5-Step Lawn Care

Benefits of Granular Fertilizer with MESA

Our Lawn Care Services

Many other companies use liquid fertilizers. These may give quick up-front color, but the nitrogen dissipates quickly, leaving the lawn without food in between applications. Liquid fertilizers can also lead to an over-application of nitrogen, which can cause an explosion of grass growth and is known to cause lawn disease. There is also a good chance of burn.

Sulfer-Coated Urea, or SCU, is what most other companies are applying as their granular fertilizers. With SCUs, the sulfur coating is prone to cracking and breakage, leaving the urea (nitrogen) quickly releasing into the soil. This too can lead to rapid grass growth, over-fertilization, and lawn disease.

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