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Why Grass Won’t Grow Along Your Driveway or Sidewalk


Sometimes you crave answers to life’s perplexing mysteries.

Why are there never any Oreos left in the package when I really want one?

Why am I the only one in the family who unloads the dishwasher?

Why are the edges of my lawn brown?

You’re on your own for those first two. (If you’re not hiding the Oreos, that one’s your own fault.)

But if your grass is dying near concrete, you’ve come to the right place.

Growing Grass Next to the Driveway: Why is It So Hard?

It’s frustrating, right? Your lawn looks pretty good — nice and green, hardly any weeds.

lawn care team fertilizes grass along drivewayBut the strips next to your driveway are yellow, brown, or just plain dead.

What’s the deal?

It’s Really Hot Out There

Your driveway, whether it’s asphalt or concrete, absorbs the hot sun for hours every sunny day.

Think about how hot concrete feels on your bare feet, or how your dog walks on the cool grass instead of the steamy sidewalk.


That urban legend about how you can actually fry an egg on pavement isn’t so far fetched.

On a hot day the surface can reach up to 145 degrees. And your driveway continues to remain hot long after the sun sets. That means the grass growing next to your driveway is just plain scorching out there. Poor parched grass.

sprinklers water grass along driveway What to do about it? Make sure that grass gets extra water. Grass growing along pavement needs more than other areas of your lawn. Also, make sure that the area is actually being covered by the sprinklers. Sometimes sprinkler heads are broken, clogged, or out of adjustment and the area simply is not getting any water.

Another option? Give your grass a break and line your driveway with a tougher material instead.

Think pavers, pebbles or a heat-loving ground cover that doesn’t hold the heat the way asphalt does and can act as a sturdy buffer to handle the heat and foot traffic.

Bonus: the extended space means people won’t step onto your grass when they get out of the car. (You hate that, right?)

Another Reason Grass is Dead Along Edges: Compacted Soil

Think about all the foot traffic near your driveway, sidewalk, and walkways.

Be honest — do your tires always stay exactly on the driveway as you pull in? Or are you rocking out to the Rolling Stones or Arctic Monkeys and your steering goes a bit awry? (We’ve all been there.)

Grass along the edges of your driveway and other pavement gets a lot of traffic, which means it’s easy for the soil to get compacted.

lawn care team aerates grass If the grass roots can’t get the water and air they need to thrive, the grass suffers.

What to do about it? Aeration.

Lawn aeration uses a machine to pull out plugs of soil, creating spaces so that air and water can penetrate, which leads to healthier roots. Fluffier soil gives that grass growing along edges a fighting chance.

Don’t Mow Too Short

Yep, you’ve probably heard us say this before, but please don’t mow your grass too short.

This is especially true for the grass close to your driveway and other pavement, which already has a tough time out there.

If you mow too short, you’re stressing your grass, removing too much of the leaf surface that creates food through photosynthesis.

lawn mower cutting grassMow too short, and the soil heats up even faster. Taller grass grows thicker and greener, and can handle that extra heat better.

Mow your lawn to remove no more than a third of the current grass height. Grass should be 3 to 4 inches tall after mowing.

Grass Dying Near Concrete? Call RainMaster

Life is complicated, with mysteriously missing Oreos, dishwasher inequities and the edges of your lawn turning brown.

Let us at least make your lawn care easy.

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