6 Steps to Prepare Your Lawn For Winter in Wisconsin and Minnesota


Maybe you feel pretty prepared for winter. You’re stocked up on carrots for snowman noses. You’ve collected 64 soup recipes. You actually know where your windshield ice scraper is.

What about preparing your lawn for winter? Sure, it seems to just hang out under the snow, no big deal.

But take a few key steps now to ensure a healthier, happier lawn in the spring.

Follow these tips for winter lawn preparation:

1. Take Another Whack at Weeds

You want every opportunity to get rid of those dastardly weeds, right? Take one more important shot before winter.

Lots of weeds germinate in the fall, survive the winter, and actively grow in spring, including thistle, dandelions, and clover.

lawn care team fertilizes lawn Fall pre-emergent weed control helps prepare your lawn for winter by preventing weed seeds from germinating.

Act now, decrease your weeds next spring, thank yourself later.

Here in Wisconsin and Minnesota, October is the last chance to spray for weeds before winter sets in.

2. Food for the Winter

Unlike your kids, who absolutely let you know when they’re hungry, your lawn’s roots hang out politely, not making a peep, even though they’re really hungry. Or as your kids say, “I’m staaaaaaaaarving!!”

fertilizer poured into spreaderFertilize in the fall with slow-release granular fertilizer to prepare grass for winter and you give those roots nutrients to grow nice and deep.

3. Remove the Yuck

Nobody wants to settle in for the winter covered in leaves and pine needles — including your lawn.

Winter lawn preparation means cleaning up your lawn before the first snowfall.

If you leave that mess of grass clippings, soggy leaves, and gross garden gunk on your lawn, your nice green grass will weaken, and maybe even die. It’s also a welcome mat for rodents looking for a nice cozy place to snuggle in for the winter. (We had you at rodents, right?)

4. Back Off on Watering

The cooler temperatures and shorter days of fall means your lawn needs less water.

irrigation team adjust lawn watering with control box Adjust your irrigation system controller accordingly. Too much water this time of year can encourage lawn diseases and waste water.

Here in Wisconsin and Minnesota, most lawns don't need watering once we hit the first few weeks of October.

5. Mow a Bit Shorter

We can hear you saying, “What?!” Yes, if you’ve spent any time here with us at all you’ve heard about the many benefits of mowing taller. This time of year, as you’re preparing your lawn for winter, it’s ok to reduce your mowing height a bit to help prevent snow mold and other potential damage. But still don't mow shorter than 2.5 inches for good lawn health.


6. Stake Your Driveway to Prevent Winter Lawn Damage

Place snow stakes to mark where your pavement ends and lawn begins, to reduce the chance of plow or snow blower damage to your lawn and irrigation system.

Questions About Winter Lawn Preparation? Trust RainMaster

When you’re snuggled on the couch under four blankets with a big bowl of popcorn and a bunch of British baking shows, make sure your lawn is tucked in all cozy, too.

The coziest feeling? Knowing you’ve invested in a complete, proactive lawn care program to continuously improve and protect your lawn.

Looking for lawn care in Eau Claire, WI or Minneapolis? Let’s create a custom nutrition plan for your lawn, so the roots will be nourished, the soil packed with nutrients, and your grass so thick and healthy, lawn weeds will have a tough fight ahead.

You choose from three different levels of lawn care programs at RainMaster, based on the results you’d like, how fast you want to see results, and your budget.

When you’re ready to put your trust in us, we can’t wait to meet you — and help you make the best choices for your lawn.

Want to rest easy this winter, knowing your lawn is healthy and ready for spring? Request a quote today! We’ll review your lawn care options together so you can make a great choice. Then, you can finally enjoy watching your lawn transform and stop worrying about it.

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