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9 Questions to Ask a Mosquito Control Company in Minneapolis


If your first question is “How soon can you get here?!” and you’re calling from underneath a blanket in your bedroom with the door locked, this sounds like a real mosquito emergency.

But if you have a few minutes to gather some questions to ask a mosquito control company, you’ll have a better chance of finding the best mosquito control in Minneapolis.

Make it easy on yourself and use these as you keep swatting:

1. How Do You Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

The answer you want to hear: By targeting them where they live and breed. That’s a much better plan than that hiding under a blanket situation you have going on right now.

pest removal team sprays for mosquitoes

2. Where Will You Spray for Mosquitoes?

The answer you want to hear: Technicians spray the perimeter of your yard, hitting the spots where mosquitoes lurk and breed:

  • Underneath plant leaves
  • Shady areas
  • Wet areas
  • Under decks
  • Low tree limbs
  • Wood piles

3. How Often Will You Treat My Yard?

The answer you want to hear: Regular visits every three weeks throughout the season, to reduce mosquitoes on your property all season long. You’ll want six visits total, from spring through fall. Mosquitoes are continually reproducing, so there’s always a fresh batch that needs zapping.

pest control sprays for mosquitoes near rocks

4. Does Mosquito Control Work Right Away?

The answer you want to hear: Yes! The results are immediate — a big reduction in mosquitoes.

5. Does Your Mosquito Spray Reduce Ticks, Too?

The answer you want to hear? Yes. While no mosquito control company in Minneapolis offers 100 percent control, you want a company that offers a big reduction in mosquitoes and ticks.

6. Is it Safe for My Pets?

The answer you want to hear: Yes. Feel free to send your kids and pets back outside once the spray has dried. That usually takes about 30 minutes.

child and dog sit on lawn7. Will I Know When You’re Coming?

The answer you want to hear: Yes!

At RainMaster, you get automatic scheduling, so you don’t have to worry about calling us to set up your mosquito spray visits.

We’ll email or text you a reminder that we’ll be there the next day.

Then, we show up. You can count on it.

8. What About Mosquito Treatment Pricing?

The answer you want to hear: It’s right on our website.

Read Our Guide to Mosquito & Tick Control

While some Minneapolis mosquito control companies make you search for pricing, or call their office to get it, RainMaster offers upfront pricing, easily available on our website.

9. How Well Does the Spray Work?

Beware of any mosquito control company in Minneapolis that promises to completely rid your yard of mosquitoes.

This isn’t 100 percent control. We call our mosquito spray service “mosquito reduction.” You absolutely will see a big reduction in mosquitoes and ticks.

10. Now a Question for You: Have You Checked Their Google Reviews?

When you’re pondering questions to ask mosquito control companies, don’t forget to check their Google reviews. If they’ve made a lot of customers happy, they’ll probably make you happy, too.

Need Mosquito Control in Minneapolis? Trust RainMaster

Sure, it takes a bit of time to ponder questions to ask a mosquito control company in Minneapolis or Eau Claire.

But how much time have pesky mosquitoes stolen from your backyard enjoyment?

The annoying whiny pests can ruin your backyard barbecue, spoil your kids’ swing set fun, and even spread viruses that can send you to the hospital.

Here’s a question: isn’t it time to give them the boot?

Are you ready to stop stressing about mosquitoes? Request a quote today! Then, you can get back to enjoying your yard, without all the swatting and scratching.

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