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6 Interesting Facts About Moles in Lawns & How to Control Them in WI or MN


Ever played that arcade game Whack-a-Mole? It’s pretty fun, right, trying to smash the little mole head with a big mallet as it pops up from hole to hole. Haha!

But when you’re standing on your front porch looking out at your once-lovely lawn, now covered with bumpy tunnels and mounds of dirt?

Not nearly as fun.

Where’s the &$!#% mallet?

Allow us to offer a better way of lawn mole control.

But let’s find out exactly who we’re dealing with first.

1. Meet Mr. Mole

These little members of the shrew family don’t look that impressive. At seven inches long and weighing in at just 3 ounces, with tiny eyes that can barely see, how much damage could they do, right?

Mole In a lawn in Wisconsin

But note those big claws on their paddle-shaped feet. They’re little digging, tunneling machines.

Because they’re tiny, they can invade your yard without you even knowing it.


2. Those Terrible Tunnels

You may never see the lawn moles that invaded your yard, but you’ll certainly notice the raised tunnels crisscrossing your lawn and the volcano-shaped mounds they create.

This is the number one way to tell if you have a mole problem.

Or you might step into a soft spot they’ve created and sink into the ground — or twist your ankle.

Those raised ridges in your lawn are caused by the mole tunneling just below the surface of the ground.

mole digging in soil

Those cone-shaped molehills are the dirt they excavate as they dig deeper tunnels around their dens.

You have to hand it to them, they’re really good at this. Moles can dig 18 feet of tunnel in an hour. (File this fact away for your next rodent trivia night.)

But that’s bad news for your lawn. In addition to wrecking your grass with their tunnels and digging, lawn moles also destroy plant roots and bulbs.

3. Your Yard is a Lawn Mole Buffet

Moles don’t show up in your yard because you’re charming, your landscaping is impressive, or they like that new doormat on the porch.

They’re coming for the food.

Your lawn offers a tasty buffet of worms, grubs, and insects.

Lawn moles have impressive appetites for little guys, gobbling up 90 percent of their weight in bugs every day.

4. Lawn Moles Actually Do Some Good

Don’t get us wrong — you don’t want to share your lawn with moles. But the critters aren’t all bad.

All that tunneling loosens and aerates your soil. They love munching grubs, those white squishy lawn pests that feed on grassroots, and can devastate your lawn.

(OK, we know what you’re thinking. If you get rid of grubs, you’ll have no moles, right? It’s not that easy. Moles munch lots of other insects, too. They don’t need grubs to survive.)

5. Lawn Mole Control Tactics

Ask your neighbor, your mail carrier, your father-in-law and everybody has a favorite lawn mole treatment.

You’ll hear it all: spray the tunnels with castor oil. Use dish soap. Mix castor oil and dish soap. Spread coffee grounds. Set traps. Lure them with poison gummy worms. (This all sort of assumes you have nothing else to do all day.)

6. Lawn Mole Treatment That Really Works

Here at RainMaster, we use organic granular pellets that are safe for kids and pets to be around but repel moles.

The pellets, once wet, create a barrier that moles don’t like. So, they stay away. Moles often hit the road the same day.

We apply this lawn mole control six times a year, spring through fall.

lawn professional applying granular mole repellent Prevention is better than killing the critters, right?

After the moles are gone, you can use the tires of your riding mower to push the tunnels back down.

Don’t Whack Those Moles — Call RainMaster

Save the mallet for the arcade game. We have a better, non-violent lawn mole treatment.

Mole-wrangling is just one of the many ways we can help you keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Got grubs? Need aeration? Longing for a comprehensive lawn care plan so you can trade tedious lawn tasks for more fun and leisure time?

When you’re ready to put your trust in us, we can’t wait to meet you — and help you make the best choices for your lawn.

Ready to make sure moles don’t destroy your lawn? Request a quote today! We’ll answer any questions you may have and give you an exact quote. Then, you can finally enjoy your lawn and stop worrying about it.

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