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Does Your Sprinkler System Need a Tune-up? 8 Signs to Look Out For


A sprinkler system that’s working great is a beautiful thing.

Your lawn is thriving, your flowers are blooming, and maybe there’s even a little singing bluebird fluttering around your head like in the cartoons. Cool! 

Then, uh oh. Something’s not quite right. Is that sprinkler head sputtering? Is that a brown spot in the lawn? Why is your sprinkler system turning on during the rain? 

Hmmm, when was your last irrigation system tune-up? Can’t remember? That’s a bad sign. 

Here are some other signs— signs that your sprinkler system needs a tune-up.

(Honestly, you can’t trust that little bluebird to tell you.)

1. Sputtering Sprinkler Heads

If a sprinkler head is sputtering instead of spraying water evenly and fully, you might have a damaged or clogged head that needs cleaning or replacing.

Read Our Guide to Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

2. Uneven Wet and Dry Spots

When your irrigation system is working well, your lawn should be evenly watered. If some areas are extra wet or extra dry, you need a sprinkler tune-up.

3. Your Driveway or Sidewalk is Wet

No sense watering concrete, right? This is a sign your heads or zones need adjusting, part of an irrigation system tune-up.

irrigation team adjusts sprinkler head

4. You’ve Noticed Your Water Bill is Higher

If you’re suddenly using more water than normal, something out there might be leaking, or the pressure needs adjusting, and your system needs attention. 

5. Some Parts of Your Lawn Are Turning Brown

Yikes. This means water isn’t reaching all the areas it should. Time for an irrigation tune-up.

irrigation team adjusts sprinkler head

6. Your Controller Is Acting Weird

It could be set for the wrong season, or set to go on too many times, which means you’re wasting water, and money.

Reprogramming your irrigation system every time the seasons change is kind of a pain. Lots of people don’t do it, and that means they’re wasting water and their lawns are suffering. Get it done for you, worry free, during your irrigation system tune-up.

7. One Of Your Zones Isn’t Working

What the heck? If one irrigation system zone isn’t working, the problem could be an electrical issue. Or a controller problem. Or a defective solenoid. Or a broken line. Or a lightning strike. 

irrigation technician fixes broken zoneUgh, right? Regular sprinkler tune-ups will catch zone problems before they cause damage to your lawn.

8. Your Sprinkler Waters In the Rain

Whoa, that’s not supposed to happen — at least, not if you have a rain sensor. 

Sounds like something’s going on out there. 
You must need a sprinkler tune-up. 
Irrigation specialists will make sure the batteries are still working and that the sensor is adjusted correctly. And they’ll make sure sensors are clear and not obstructed by debris.

Regular Sprinkler Tune-ups Save Water, Money, and Hassle

Regular irrigation system tune-ups catch all kinds of problems early, before your water bill zooms up or your lawn starts to suffer. 

Lots can go wrong out there. Broken, leaking or clogged heads. Damage caused by snow plows or lawn mowers.  A zone that won’t turn off.  A loose fitting.

customer and irrigation expert go over system controls on iphoneIgnore these kinds of issues, and problems will just get worse. Meanwhile, no amount of fluttering little bluebirds will keep your lawn from turning brown or your precious plants from dying.

The best sprinkler system maintenance in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis includes tune-up visits by irrigation specialists three times a year: in spring, to start up your system, in fall, to shut it down, and that all-important summer visit to look over your irrigation system when it’s working the hardest. Summer is when your system is under the greatest demand, and things are most likely to go wrong.

Eyes on your sprinkler system three times a year helps catch potentially expensive problems early.

Trust Your Irrigation System Tune-ups to RainMaster in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis

Full disclosure: our irrigation specialists won’t show up with cute chirping bluebirds.

But you’ll still be cheerful, knowing you arranged for skilled irrigation system tune-ups to keep your sprinklers running smoothly and your landscaping thriving. 

You deserve skilled, efficient irrigation repair; continued attentive maintenance; and friendly customer service that takes away the stress and makes things easy. 

Hire an Eau Claire or Minneapolis irrigation maintenance company that sets you up for easy maintenance and efficiency designed for the long haul. 

Choose from our three irrigation maintenance programs to make sure everything is running smoothly.

When you’re ready to put your trust in us, we can’t wait to meet you — and help you make the best choice for your lawn.

Ready to make your lawn life easier? Request a quote today! We’ll review your options together so you can make a confident decision. Then, you can finally enjoy your well-watered lawn and stop worrying about it.

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