The Best Spring Lawn Care Checklist for Wisconsin & Minnesota Homeowners


Spring is a big deal in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Once the snow melts and the sun feels warm on your face, you start doing crazy stuff like wearing sandals when it’s 50 degrees and grinning stupidly at the sight of tulips.

But first things first. Let’s take a walk around your yard and check out your lawn. A few spring lawn care tasks in Wisconsin and Minnesota need your attention.

Here’s your spring lawn care checklist:

Grab the Rake

Lightly rake your lawn to remove dead grass, leaves, or debris you missed last fall. Go easy, though. You don’t want to uproot your turf. It’s been sleeping all winter.

CC-rake with leavesIf there are matted areas, it could be a sign of snow mold. Continue to rake that area to break it up. Getting the blades of grass to stand will help increase the air circulation to the roots.

Get Ready to Mow

Prep your mower for the busy season ahead. Make sure your mower blade is sharp, the tires are aired up, and the oil is changed.

While these are important spring lawn care tips, they’re not one-time tasks. Do them each month through the mowing season.

Time to Attack Crabgrass

Spring lawn care in the Midwest includes crabgrass pre-emergent. Don’t delay.

Crabgrass with seedheadsThis timing is crucial. You want to target those weed seeds as they germinate and take root in the soil so they don’t become more seed-producing plants.

Here at RainMaster, you get two crabgrass treatments — one in early spring and another in late spring. This extends protection.

Get Those Grubs

If you have grubs, add grub prevention to your spring lawn care checklist.

The key to controlling grubs is to prevent them before they hatch and begin to cause damage to your lawn. Serious damage.

GrubGrubs feed on grass roots and organic matter in the soil, causing sections of grass in the lawn to die. They essentially eat the roots right out from under the grass.

How can you tell if you have grubs? Look for these telltale signs:

  • Raccoons, skunks, and birds rummaging in your yard. Apparently, grubs are delicious.
  • Grab a handful of your lawn and tug. If it rolls up like loose carpet, you probably have grubs. They eat the roots holding the turf firmly in place on the soil.
  • Walk on your lawn. If it feels spongy, you could have grubs.

At RainMaster, you get Bee-Safe Grub Guard right away in the spring during our first visit. Then, you’re all set. This material lasts throughout the entire growing season. And it doesn’t kill bees like the cheaper products many other companies use.

Reseed Lawn Bare Spots

If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute — isn’t it best to seed in the fall?” then congrats — you’ve been paying attention here.

In most cases, It’s better to hold off spreading that seed until fall. But if you have some bare spots you’re really itching to fill in, it’s ok to seed in the spring. But no earlier than Mother’s Day.

grass seed in handsLook for areas of lawn that aren’t recovering from the ravages of winter. You might have damage from snow mold, salt, or snow plows.

One of the reasons spring and grass seed don’t mix is because of crabgrass prevention.

lawn team pours grass seed into spreaderThat great pre-emergent that prevents crabgrass also kills grass seed. So you can’t seed and prevent crabgrass at the same time.


Partner with RainMaster, and you can plant grass seed and control crabgrass at the same time in spring, because we have a professional-grade product that allows both.

Don’t look for this magic potion on the home improvement store shelf. This is pro level.

Feed Plus Weeds: Crucial Spring Lawn Care Tasks

Spring means time for fertilizer and weed control. Your hungry lawn really needs food right away, and we all know how tenacious lawn weeds are, so your goal should be to have this first round done by Memorial Day.

lawn team fertilizing grass

Trust Your Spring Lawn Care Checklist to RainMaster

Does just reading this spring lawn care checklist for Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis make you dread spring? That’s no good.

Let us take a lot of it off your hands, so you can do fun spring stuff like fly kites and gawk at tulips.

Choose from three different levels of lawn care programs, based on the results you’d like, how fast you want to see results, and your budget.

When you’re ready to put your trust in us, we can’t wait to meet you — and help you make the best choices for your lawn.

Want to hand over those pesky lawn care tasks and be confident about your choice for lawn care services? Request a quote today! We’ll review your lawn care options together so you can make a great choice. Then, you can finally enjoy your lawn and stop worrying about it.

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