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Lawn Insect & Grub Control

If you think your lawn looks ugly, you should see the slimy creatures that might be invading it.

Grubs. Gross.

They’re pale, squishy, and gobble the roots right out from under your grass, causing whole sections to turn brown and die.

Other insect invaders lurk out there, too, treating your precious lawn like an all-you-can eat bug buffet.

It happens really fast. The little monsters can destroy your lawn in two days, and you never even saw it happening.

It feels like a personal attack, right? How can things so tiny make your lawn life miserable?

Gang Up on Grubs and Bugs

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, chafers, and other beetles. And when the grubs grow up big and strong after feasting on your lawn’s roots, those adult beetles damage your lawn, too.

So, lawn grub control is also lawn insect control.

Professional grub control services kill grubs before they hatch and begin to chow down on your lawn’s tender and apparently tasty roots.

Timing is everything. Think spring — before the bug buffet opens for the season.

Don't Give Grubs a Chance

You’ll get grub control services on your Eau Claire, WI or Minneapolis lawn right away in the spring during our first visit.

Then, you’re all set. This grub control for lawns lasts throughout the entire growing season. 

Not all lawn grub control lasts that long. Be sure yours does, so you’re ready when the second wave of hungry grubs shows up. 

And, big bonus: RainMaster’s Grub Guard won’t kill bees like the cheaper grub control many companies use.

Grub control is like getting insurance. Maybe grubs won’t show up. But do you really want to risk your beautiful lawn? 

Ready to rediscover and enjoy your yard?