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Crabgrass & Weed Control

Crabgrass is perfectly named, right? It might be the lawn weed that puts you in the worst mood. 

 The king of lawn weeds, crabgrass is stubborn, spreads like crazy, and has the sinister ability to pop up right before you host the neighborhood cookout. It makes you look bad, even when your mushroom Swiss burgers look super delicious. 

 Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything. Maybe you’ve given up. Time to get serious and find crabgrass control that actually works.

Don't Get Mad. Get Results.

Maybe you’re not the plan ahead type. But that’s what it takes to control crabgrass. 

Pre-emergent weed control for lawns is crucial — targeting the crabgrass seeds as they germinate and take root in the soil. If you wait until crabgrass shows up, you’ll have a much tougher time getting rid of it.

That means applying crabgrass pre-emergent in early spring. 

Here in Wisconsin and Minnesota, early spring is a pretty exciting time. You can finally put your fur-lined boots away. Uncover the grill. Dig out your flip flops. It’s easy to forget about crabgrass control. 

So partner with lawn weed control services in Eau Claire, WI or Minneapolis with a serious strategy for crabgrass control.

Crabgrass Control, Times Two

You want extra protection against this bad-mood weed. RainMaster specialists really double down on crabgrass control, offering two crabgrass treatments — one in early spring and another in late spring.

But weed control for lawns isn’t a one-time thing. (Or even a two-time thing.) Different frustrating weeds show up multiple times throughout the seasons.

That’s why you get five visits throughout the year in RainMaster’s comprehensive lawn care programs.

Don’t get crabby. Get a plan. Invest in a complete, proactive lawn care program that includes weed control both before weed seeds sprout and after they show their ugly heads. 

Then, cheer up. It’s handled.

Ready to rediscover and enjoy your yard?