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Warranty Information

Backed by Our 3-Year Warranty

RainMaster is a team of certified, experienced lawn irrigation specialists. Because of our confidence in both our services and our products, we offer a 3 year parts and labor warranty on any lawn irrigation system we install. This is the best guaranty offered anywhere in our area for sprinkler systems. This warranty is backed by the most expert service and support staff around.

The RainMaster Irrigation System installation warranty covers any part or system failure based upon manufacturer or installation defect and/or natural wear and tear of the system. In simple, straight-forward terms, this means we assure you that every part of your sprinkler system should function properly for at least three years barring external forces. If it doesn't, we'll take care of the problem at no cost to you.

Quality You Can Rely On: We Install the Best!

Even if we didn't install it, we'll service and repair it!


This warranty excludes certain external forces, including the following: