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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting - Enhance your Beautiful Lawn

Landscaping Eau Claire WI

When it comes to lighting outdoor spaces, most tend to think of simply illuminating the exterior of a structure or property with door lights or security lights. One of the most underestimated aspects of landscape lighting is that it can actually extend your nighttime living space physically, as well as visually.

When light is brought to a dark back or front yard, it visually pushes the boundaries of your house. The more elements that are lit, the more people will gravitate beyond the interior of a house. Pushing this boundary creates a visually striking look for the outside of the house, especially when the interior lights are turned off.

Another practice for expanding nighttime living space is boundary lighting. Many people have a fence or shrub line that represents the end of their property line. This section can be illuminated to subtly show the edges of a yard.

Adding landscape lighting doesn’t just add living space. It also adds to the beauty of your house with curb appeal and it increases your resale value.

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