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Sprinkler System Installation

Sprinkler System Design

When RainMaster evaluates your property, the training and experience of our technicians will guide them to suggest the best sprinkler system design based on your unique property. We'll give you a written proposal and go over it with you so you can be comfortable and clear about the project.

Sprinkler System Installation

When you contract us for the job, your new lawn irrigation system will be completed quickly and efficiently, and your original landscaping will be undisturbed. Plumbing is completed with RainMaster's staff without any subcontracting of work. You'll even receive an as-built sketch of your new system. Most important, your new lawn irrigation system will be backed by the best irrigation service and support staff in the Eau Claire area.

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Irrigation Installation by Rainmaster Lawn Systems

How We Install

In-Ground Sprinkler Systems: Fast Becoming the Norm!

Our Irrigation Services

Sprinkler System Equipment

RainMaster relies on quality brand-name irrigation equipment from leading manufacturers that meet our strict standards of performance. The irrigation equipment we install has to be the best, because we guarantee our installation parts and labor for 3 years.

The sprinkler heads we install feature a durable construction and provide a wide range of arc and elevation settings. Easy-to-program controllers offer year-round schedules and rain sensor bypass to give your lawn the right amount of water only when it needs it.

The end result is, with only a few buttons pushed, your lawn watering becomes worry- and trouble-free.

Quality Irrigation Equipment

Sprinkler System Products