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About RainMaster

Over a Decade of Quality Lawn Care & Irrigation Service

RainMaster was founded in 1999 by Paul Madsen (CIC, CID, CLIA). Established first in his basement, the business quickly grew into his home and garage. By 2004, RainMaster began construction on new facilities that could house an expanding professional lawn care team and lawn irrigation equipment.

Today, RainMaster has a full-time office staff and professional irrigation installation crews and service technicians. They maintain a fleet of service vans, trenchers and air compressors. RainMaster's staff and equipment means we can satisfy such large clients as Sacred Heart Hospital, Phoenix Park and Willow Creek subdivision, while still keeping our residential lawn care and irrigation customers happy and serviced in a fast and attentive manner.

RainMaster Mission

To set the standard of quality in the design and installation of efficient irrigation systems.

RainMaster Goal

To continue to build our reputation as honest, professional experts by providing top quality service.