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Monthly Archives: January 2016

RainMaster on Ice!

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A Sprinkler System on Ice!

Ice Rink

Using your sprinkler system to make an . . . ice rink?  Probably not something that you have heard of before, or even thought of for that matter!  But this year, RainMaster made one customer’s ice skating dreams come true.

How’d they do it?  By simply using the same strategies and products that we use all summer to water lawns!  Our technicians added a waterline that came off of the existing sprinkler system, to fill the backyard ice rink.  The result?  A fun way to use rediscover your backyard during winter!

This is just another great example of the dedication of our amazing team here at RainMaster.  Have a project that is a little outside the box?  Give us a call, so we can make your dreams come true, too!

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