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Mid-Summer Checkups – Protect Your Investment

As a RainMaster customer, you are probably well aware of the benefits of the Spring Startup and the Fall Blowout of your sprinkler system.  One service that a lot of customer’s don’t know as much about is the Mid-Summer checkup.   This article will tell you a little bit more about what the mid-summer checkup is and why it is such a valuable service.

The mid-summer checkup brings us back to check on your sprinkler system when it’s working the hardest, and when your lawn needs your sprinkler system the most.  It’s also the perfect time for our skilled technicians to scrutinize your spray coverage now that all your shrubs, bushes and flowers are in full growth.  The irrigation timer is also reprogrammed for the hot, dry days of summer.  Our complete follow-up inspection of your sprinkler system guarantees it will be operating at peak performance.  The RainMaster mid-summer checkup protects your landscape investment and ensures your lawn and landscaping will be beautiful through the hottest days of summer. 

By relying on RainMaster’s professional maintenance services in the spring, summer and fall, you avoid the common irritating problems that Mother Nature and time inevitably cause on an irrigation system.  You’re left to enjoy the beauty of a plush, green lawn, the full benefits of water conservation and the delicate choreography of your finely-tuned sprinkler system.

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