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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Mid-Summer Checkups – Protect Your Investment

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As a RainMaster customer, you are probably well aware of the benefits of the Spring Startup and the Fall Blowout of your sprinkler system.  One service that a lot of customer’s don’t know as much about is the Mid-Summer checkup.   This article will tell you a little bit more about what the mid-summer checkup is and why it is such a valuable service.

The mid-summer checkup brings us back to check on your sprinkler system when it’s working the hardest, and when your lawn needs your sprinkler system the most.  It’s also the perfect time for our skilled technicians to scrutinize your spray coverage now that all your shrubs, bushes and flowers are in full growth.  The irrigation timer is also reprogrammed for the hot, dry days of summer.  Our complete follow-up inspection of your sprinkler system guarantees it will be operating at peak performance.  The RainMaster mid-summer checkup protects your landscape investment and ensures your lawn and landscaping will be beautiful through the hottest days of summer. 

By relying on RainMaster’s professional maintenance services in the spring, summer and fall, you avoid the common irritating problems that Mother Nature and time inevitably cause on an irrigation system.  You’re left to enjoy the beauty of a plush, green lawn, the full benefits of water conservation and the delicate choreography of your finely-tuned sprinkler system.

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Smart Irrigation Month

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Did you know that July is Smart Irrigation Month? In order to increase awareness and education about the value of water, the Irrigation Association deemed July as the month to save our precious resource. There are many ways in which you, your family and even your co-workers can get aligned with the cause. Get started with the tips below on how you can reduce your utility bills and save water by making small changes to your landscaping and gardening routine….

  1. Mulch around plants, bushes and trees – Putting down between 2 and 4 inches of mulch helps reduce evaporation and moderates highs and lows in soil temperatures. It also improves water penetration and helps moderate weeds that compete for water.
  2. Aerate to keep soil healthy – Aerate your lawn at least once a year to improve water penetration. When planting, turn and cultivate the soil. Also, add compost or fertilizer to improve moisture retention and grow healthier plants that need less water to stay strong.
  3. Landscape for your lot – Consider your lot’s features, including sun and shade, dry and damp areas, plant size and how you utilize each part of your yard. Then, choose grass/plants that have low water requirements and will thrive in your local climate.
  4. Place similar plants together – When you group plants with similar moisture needs in the same area, it makes it easier to make sure they get the water they need without overwatering. Also, be sure to separate plants from grassy areas. Grass has different water requirements.
  5. Plant grass in functional spots – A good rule of thumb is to plant grass in play zones and other areas where it will be used and enjoyed. Instead of planting turf on steep slopes, consider ground cover, perimeter plants or mulch.

For more helpful, water saving tips, visit the Irrigation Association’s website at https://www.irrigation.org/default.aspx

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