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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Rules for Snow Shoveling

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It’s amazing how efficient you can be with equipment no more sophisticated than an ordinary snow shovel. Here are some rules for how to shovel snow efficiently.

  • Don’t overdress

Stay warm, but if you overdress you’re going to be soaked in sweat in no time.

  • Clear cars first
  • Whenever possible, team up
  • Move snow the shortest distance possible

Consider that everything from a driveway to a patio to a walkway is really a rectangle, and rectangles have a center point. Move the snow from the center of the rectangle to the nearest edge. 

  • Maintain proper posture:

Use your leg muscles as much as possible.
Keep your back straight as you move.
Hold the shovel as close to your upper body as possible.
Keep one hand close to the shovel blade for better leverage.
Don’t twist your upper body as you throw snow. 

  • Keep hydrated
  • Rest frequently
  • Be thorough but not fussy

The sun is relatively strong this time of year. Clear an area, spread de-icer if necessary and then let the sun do the rest!

  • Go easy on the de-icer

Once the area is clear, all you need is a thin scattering of de-icer to keep it that way.

  • Whenever possible, get a head start

It’s easier to remove snow in thin layers than wait until all the snow is down to have at it.

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