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Monthly Archives: June 2014

What is Drip Irrigation?

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What is “Drip Irrigation”?

If you have tried to use your lawn sprinklers to water landscape beds and plants, you know that it can be hard to perfect.  Around the time you think it’s just right, that hydrangea bush has grown and is soaking up all the water before your hostas and annuals can get any.  If only there was a better way . . .

Good news, there is!  Drip irrigation is an efficient and affordable way to water those plants.  With drip irrigation, water is slowly provided to a specific area, close to the plants roots, through a network of drip emitters.  Despite their name, these tiny nozzles, about the size of a quarter, don’t water from above the plants, but are actually laid along the ground.  Dripline can even be installed without emitters (see photo).

The advantage of this type of watering is control.  It is precise and economical.  Your standard lawn sprinkler head measures water output in gallons per minute, whereas the drip emitter measures gallons per hour.  The flow of water is so slow that it is easily absorbed into the ground, causing little to no run off or evaporation.  Not to mention, the water is going EXACTLY where it is supposed to – to each of the plants roots.

One more added bonus:  Drip irrigation can also be installed to water your hanging baskets!

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